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Ava DuVernay’s ARRAY and Google Create Feature Film Grant for Underrepresented Creatives

June 02, 2021
June 02, 2021

Ava Duvernay’s distribution, arts and advocacy collective ARRAY has partnered with Google to launch a new feature film grant benefiting emerging creatives from underrepresented communities.

The filmmaker selected for the ARRAY + Google Feature Film Grant will receive $500,000 to fund their first full-length feature film. Additionally, the project’s production will be staffed by ARRAY crew, the collective’s inclusive hiring database for below-the-line crew members.

“Having started my filmmaking journey by self-funding projects, this is a full-circle moment,” DuVernay said, announcing the partnership. “I’m pleased to partner with Google and ARRAY’s grant advisory committee to identify an emerging writer/director to bring their vision to the screen. Inclusive storytelling is at the heart of ARRAY’s mission and we’re proud to also provide access to ARRAY Crew in order to further ensure that the set of the grantee’s film reflects the full array of the world around us.”

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