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An intimate and inspiring portrait of activism

March 13, 2022

American mothers fight for immigrants’ rights in Split at the Root, Linda Goldstein Knowlton’s powerful SXSX doc. Executive produced by Rosario Dawson and Lana Parrilla, it’s an intimate and inspiring portrait of activism.

Under the Trump administration, immigration policies resulted in children being separated from their parents. One mother was Yeni González, whose story was aired on the radio. In order to be reunited with her kids, she needed someone to pay her bond, and drive her from Arizona to New York. New Yorker Julie Schwietert Collazo was listening, and she did just that. She connected with a network of women all over the States, who were prepared to coordinate a caravan of cars to take Yeni to her children. With the support of Julie’s husband Francisco, Immigrant Families Together (IFT) was born, and this documentary follows their progress.

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